Jenny White writer

Jenny White MCIPR

I started out as a food writer for national guidebooks, progressed to feature writing for the national and regional press, and ventured into all manner of niches, from business and insurance journalism to copywriting and commercial journalism.

I’ve also developed a PR business alongside my journalism work. I quickly fell in love with the buzz of achieving coverage for my clients and seeing their businesses grow.

I now split my time 50/50 between PR and writing. My writing spans everything from specialist financial journalism to arts coverage and copywriting. My PR covers B2B, retail, charities, professional services and more. I’m happiest when my work is varied.

To provide the services listed on these pages, I work with a small, trusted network of suppliers including designers, digital marketing specialists, a video production company and social media managers.

At Eloquent we use the latest and best PR tools and software – exactly what you’d get from a big agency, but with a more personal approach and many years’ experience (and contacts) behind us.

Jamie White

Jamie White
PR manager

I’m Jamie White. I’m Jenny’s husband, database expert, and all-round PR assistant. I make sure your press releases reach the right people at the right time. I pitch clients’ stories and products to journalists, arrange free samples and press visits, follow up with media contacts, and handle clients’ social media accounts. I also collate coverage books full of metrics that show exactly what we’ve achieved.

I’ve worked with Jenny for 15 years, starting out as a writer before discovering my love of strategic communications and social media.

Kuba the dog

Office dogsbody

Jenny and Jamie recruited me from Many Tears Dog Rescue in 2019. It was love at first sight and I was pleased to join their team. My office responsibilities include foot warming, welcoming visitors and fetching shoes, even when they are not wanted. I also play an important HR role, looking after staff morale and giving regular mealtime reminders.

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